Two adults and three kids preparing food over fire, at a campsite.
Two adults and three kids preparing food over fire, at a campsite.

Be aware of this before lighting a campfire

Publisert – Sist oppdatert 04.02.2020

Between September 15th and April 15th, you are allowed to light campfires and barbeque outdoors in Norway. But be sure to take proper safety precautions.

Autumn is here, and the annual fire ban has once again been lifted. This season is the perfect time to gather around a campfire. But before lighting a fire, be sure that it is safe, and that you are not doing damage to the natural environment.

Be cautious

Always be cautious and consider local weather conditions, says Siri Meland in Norsk Friluftsliv – the umbrella organization for 17 Norwegian outdoor organizations.

– Before lighting a campfire, always consider the risk of forest fires. Try also to use an existing fire pit instead of making a new one. I also encourage everyone to remember the rule of leaving no trace. Leave nature the way you found ut and bring your trash home with you. This also means to avoid doing damage to living trees and plants, says Meland.

If there is no existing fire pit around, be sure to choose a fire proof site. Always make your campfire in safe distance from grass, trees and other vegetation that might easily catch fire. Another important rule of thumb is to consider the wind conditions. It is also important to always have water or other means of extinguishing easily available.

Right to roam

Outdoors recreation is a central part of Norwegian culture. Thanks to the Norwegian ‘right to roam’ (allemannsretten) everyone has the right to experience and harvest from nature. Just like the right to walk, ski, camp and more, the right to make campfire in a safe place outdoors, is also included in the right to roam.

Here in Norway, the campfire is an important symbol of the Norwegian outdoors recreation – or `friluftsliv’ – and a central part of the right to roam. Gathering around a fire is in fact an important part of Norwegian culture and history, says Siri Meland.

Tips for safe fires:

  • Consider the risk of forest fire and wind conditions.
  • It is always the person burning the fire who is responsible for fire safety.
  • There should be an adult, sober person responsible for the fire.
  • The fire should be a good distance from buildings and vegetation.
  • It is not permitted to light fires on rocks and cliffs along the coast.
  • The fire must not be larger than you can control or extinguish.
  • Have suitable means for extinguishing easily available.
  • It is prohibited to burn plastic, building materials and other waste.
  • When you leave the site of the fire, it must be completely extinguished.
    (Source: DSB)

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