Mann på ski med sola i bakgrunnen
Mann på ski med sola i bakgrunnen

About Norsk Friluftsliv

Norsk Friluftsliv is comprised of 18 Norwegian volunteer organisations with more than 950 000 members and 5000 outdoor life clubs and organisations. Each organisation has its own members.

Norsk Friluftsliv – in english it can also be refered as The Norwegian Association for Outdoor Organisations.

Our member organisations are open to everyone. They are either nationwide organisations or have more than 10 000 members each. The organisations do not support the use of motorised vehicles in nature nor organise competitive activities.


• promote all-round, basic and ecofriendly use of outdoors/nature in accordance with traditional Norwegian practice for how nature should be used and to promote new outdoor activities for everyone
• to promote issues of common interest to our organisations with the government and other relevant target groups
• Health, enjoyment and increased understanding of nature’s intrinsic value, by experiencing nature
• promote the public right of access to nature and facilitate access and use of nature


The Annual Meeting (with representatives from our member organisations). The Annual Meeting is Norsk Friluftsliv’s highest authority. It determines and establishes our longterm plans and elects the members of the board.

The board runs Norsk Friluftsliv’s operations and conducts the annual meeting, makes decisions and delegates the use of the organisation’s funds in accordance with our goals and action plans. The administrative staff is led by the secretary general. There are six full-time staff members who run the organisation and implement the board’s decisions.

The directors of affiliated member organisations meet regularly and acts as a consultative body for the secretary general of Norsk Friluftsliv when dealing with political issues related to outdoor life.


• distributes public funds for organisation projects and report to the authorities on the use of these
• initiate projects that can promote outdoor activities and professional knowledge
• publish reports, studies and disseminate news on outdoor policies
• publish and submit official consultation statements process in matters of national
and public interest
• cooperate with the authorities to develop good outdoor/nature policies
• promote a good dialogue with political parties and other stakeholders
• act as the secretariat for the Forum for Natur og Friluftsliv (FNF) and the Year of Outdoor Life 2015

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